Setting a Coordinated Mobility Strategy

Case Study - Building a High Performing Mobile Website

Robert Camp, Chief Information Officer at Royal Bank of Scotland shares his experiences of implementing a mobility program in order to building an international community that keeps employees connected on a global scale. He takes us on a whistle-stop tour of his successes and failures in striving for this.
  • He encourages you to think really clearly about whether your mobile collaboration tools work for everyone within your organization
  • Think long-term, be prepared to migrate to a different system in the future
  • Keep the product as simple as possible and be prepared to lose users if you change the functionality of a well-used product
5 Reasons to Emphasize Mobility

5 Reasons to Emphasize Mobility

How is your company going to navigate its challenges? Changes in technology make it difficult to stay relevant. Active mobile devices now outnumber the world’s human population, and mobile web traffic has now overtaken PC traffic in some countries. That’s crazy! As a result, companies need mobility to keep up. With 50 billion connected things on the horizon for 2020, the only sane way to leverage these major leaps in technology is through the help of a Managed Mobility Services (MMS) provider like MOBI. See why mobile-focused companies outperform their peers. Check out why you should emphasize mobility in 2016.

Case Study by Oracle: Enterprise Mobility at Digital Speed

Suhas offers his insight as the VP of Mobile Strategy and Product Management at Oracle into the digital transformation, advocating that mobile is at the heart of it. He talks about the challenges these bring to organizations trying to embrace mobility, including:
  • Building a backend big enough to support mobile apps, apps that often require complicated back ends.
  • Creating apps that create the highest quality user experience
  • Reducing time to market to see the results of your apps quickly
  • Measuring the success of B2C apps by gaining a full understanding of usage

Case Study: Creating an Agile Mobile Experience for Your Employees

Imran Younis shares the value of looking at the problem you are trying to solve before jumping straight to finding solutions. He explains that your product will be much more effective if you seriously consider how it will be used and what its value is to the end user. Watch the presentation here to find out how has found success by doing this.